Praise and Pray #together
Praise #together
  • Praise God for his provisions and for the support around the world of the international CCI community.
  • CCSA would like to praise God for new Godly relationships being nurtured locally and internationally.
  • Thank God for those countries and areas that have the freedom to worship and share the good news openly and freely in their camps and venues.
Pray #together
  • Pray that our camp ministries across the globe, be shining lights in the darkness.
  • Please pray for those who do not have religious freedoms and who suffer persecution and barriers as they try to share the gospel.
  • Our friends in Sierra Leone West Africa ask for prayers for their 3rd CCI Conference taking place in July.
  • Please pray for CCSA as they continue to plan for their conference in June. It is taking place in a very remote area, so please pray for travelling mercies.
  • Please join CCSA in their prayers for their political climate and the imminent possibility of anti-religious laws, pray particularly for Zimbabwe where the political and economic situation is particularly difficult at the moment.