Praise and Pray #together
Praise #together
  • What a year it has been! CVA are thankful for God's provision and direction in 2018.
  • CCI Canada praises the Lord for an amazing Conference - a time of excellent training, strong connections and renewed energy to serve Him. Thank you for all your prayers.
  • CCSA is thankful for a full, blessed year. They are thankful for camp sites that could keep their doors open for ministry in a time of drought and they praise the Lord for rain in parts of South Africa. Thanks for everyone's diligent prayers.
  • CCCA is grateful to God for the amazing CCCA National Conference held at the beginning of Dec. We continue to hear stories of how God used the teaching and interactions at conference to sharpen individual loves and ministries for the over 800 full time attendees. God was in both the big and small details, and we stand in awe as we reflect. We are grateful for the team that worked incredibly hard to pull it off and pray that God continues to uses the messages at conference to challenge and encourage the attendee going forward.
Pray #together
  • Pray that the Lord will bless 2019 as a year of growth for CCI globally.
  • Please pray for CVA that as they enter 2019 God will continue to lead them as they endeavour to grow their ministry to honour God and to provide opportunities, training and connections with our sites Nationwide.
  • CCI Latin America ask for prayer for their next training course that they will be offering in Honduras; pray for diligence of those that have made the commitment to attend the training, that they will do the hard work of studying the Bible and then create a series of Bible studies.
  • Pray that there might be more Portuguese camps that get involved with CCI Spain in the coming year.
  • Pray for CCI UK as they prepare for their National Conference (08-10 Jan), may it be a time of growth and encouragement.
  • Pray that the CCI Spain and Portugal Annual Conference (16-20 Jan) will be well attended and will be an inspiration to many for the glory of our Lord Jesus.
  • Ask the Lord to give the Board of CCI Spain the assurance that He is leading them in this great endeavour. God has blessed CCI Spain with an exceptional group of men and women to lead it, please lift them up in prayer.
  • Pray for the Lord's provision, love and overflow on every campsite and ministry all over the globe.
  • Pray for our brothers and sisters that do not have the luxury of openly celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus.