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[CCI Newsletter] Stay at the Back of the Pack
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2018-02-13 18:37:46
“Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you.”

Andrew Murray
Transferring between terminals at a major European airport required piling onto a subway train, jostling for a hand-hold, and finding a secure place to set my bags. 
A group of loud, boisterous young men made the early-morning experience even more pleasant.
When we mercifully approached our destination, the cadre of energetic youths negotiated their way past the rest of us and positioned themselves in front of the door, ensuring that they would be the first to depart. But to everyone else’s delight - and their surprise - the train had two sets of doors. At the stop, the doors on the opposite side opened, allowing those of us on the far side to depart quickly, and leaving the loud crowd at the back of the pack!
Jesus said, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” (Matthew 20:16, Mark 10:31 and Luke 13:30) He spoke these words three different times in the Gospels, and each time the context was a little different. The principle, however, is always the same: self-promotion is counterproductive.
James sums it up well, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” (James 4:10)
Dan's signature - Dan only?
 Dan Bolin
International Director - CCI Worldwide
Registration is underway for three CCI-Ukraine upcoming training events: Instructor Training Course (Feb 17-19, Ukraine), Transcaucasia International Conference (March 5-8, Georgia), National Training Camp For Camp Leaders (May 6-9, Ukraine). Please pray that God will inspire the right people to attend and will provide them with the finances they need to cover expenses related to attending the conference.
CCI-Latin America/Honduras prayed for 25 leaders to sign up for their Camp Programming Course in Honduras and God gave them 29 folks! They are delighted to have nine teams represented from different ministries/churches, who are working hard on creating innovative camp programs designed to transform campers' lives for Christ. The deadline to sign up for a short term missions trip from Pittsburgh to work with CCI-Honduras is fast approaching (mid Feb.) and they need the Lord to prompt people to attend. They host the team June 19-27, 2018 and this event generates a huge amount of energy and interest in CCI-Honduras’ camping ministry, both in Pittsburgh & locally.
Please pray for the newly constituted Ghanaian steering committee led by Latif Bogobiri. Pray for this team as they learn to work with one another and use each individual’s gifts and networks for the sake of the kingdom. Pray for favor as the team embarks on a fresh initiative to mobilize camp leaders in Ghana. Pray for wisdom on how to approach different potential constituents, and for their first event as a country team this year. Pray too for the Sierra Leonian steering committee as they too plan for an event later this year.
Pray that the Lord calls the right leaders and champions for a Christian camping movement to begin gathering in the strategic country of Nigeria. Please pray that this would be the year he opens the way for an inaugural event in that great country.
CC-South Africa asks for continued prayer that South Africans will humble themselves and pray so the Lord will heal our land and give us rain from His abundance. Please also pray for Executive members preparing for their meeting in two-weeks time. And, preparations are being made for the CCSA 40th conference in June. Pray that the guest speakers will be able to visit South Africa and share from their experience and inspire our members.
CCI-Russia is praising the Lord for an amazing silver anniversary
conference. Tomorrow is the final day. Please pray that:
1) Participants will leave with clear action plans for personal and
organizational growth.
2) Many camp directors will take the "leap of faith" and join CCI-Russia as members of the association
3) They will have clear direction in adding the next member to the national association team.
4) God will use the new Counselors Online Academy to effectively
equip leaders to serve at camps this summer.
The Christian Camping Community Malaysia (CCCM) will be meeting in March to further discuss its formational structure, particularly on issues of finances and registration of CCCM as a recognized organization in the country. Pray for the many hurdles that will have to be crossed in order to reach this goal. 
Please pray for the upcoming CCI-Philippines National Annual Member's Forum to be held on March 14 -17, 2018, in Palawan Christian Camp, Puerto Prencisa, Palawan. Pray for the Board & Staff who are preparing the materials and for the financial budget needed. Pray also the safety travel of delegates who will attend in the event, especially our guest lecturer, Graeme Janes, the CEO of CVA, who will be travelling from Australia. And for the success of the whole conference for the advancement of the Association.
Please pray the following for African Christian Camping/CCI- East Africa: 
1. Continued clarity from God in their vision and mission
2. Increased membership and expansion into the East African region
3. Provision and protection from the Lord
4. Increased voluntary support of the diverse giftings in their Secretariat
5. Direction in planning and executing their activities
6. Purposeful transitions where there will be any
7. Increased partnerships and support from like-minded organizations
8. That ACC/CCI-EA would be resourceful in helping to mitigate and solve problems in communities around them
CC-South Africa praises the Lord for good rain in some parts of South Africa. They also want to give honor to Jesus for opening doors in government schools to minister through camping.
Rejoice with these thanks and praises from African Christian Camping/CCI-East Africa:
1. The Lord's provision of life, ideas and resources to carry out planned activities in 2017
2. Successful execution of our activities
3. Growth into a higher level of training; specialized training of Camp Facilitators using self and corporate assessment tools in identifying skills, capacity, heart to serve and personal spiritual growth of a Facilitator and camp colleagues. This would assist in identifying gaps in organizational delivery and helping facilitation grow with camp needs in tandem with need to solve societal problems. To this effect, a training syllabus of TOOLS was launched and a pilot test with ACC/CCI-EA member organizations is ongoing.
4. CCI-EA also launched a campsite owners network program to help owners avail campsites in both public and private capacities, sharing in Christian camp values.
5. A fully functional Secretariat with 24-hour presence. That had been a challenge in the past
6. Launch of new Christian camping campsites by members who had benefited from ACC/CI-EA training
7. Increased participation by East Africa member states Christian camping partners. ACC/CCI-EA Uganda Chapter was launched in February
8. Safety for all our campers
9. Thankful for the generous support from CCI

CC-South Africa - Feb 12-14 - Executive board meeting
CCI-Ukraine - February 17-19 - Instructor Training Course - Kiev, Ukraine
CCI-Ukraine - March 5-8 - Transcaucasia International Conference - Tbilisi, Georgia
CCI-Netherlands - March 6 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CCI-Mexico - March 9-11 - South and Central Regional Conferences
CCI-Philippines - March 14-17 - National Annual Members Forum - Palawan Christian Camp, Puerto Prencisa, Palawan
CCI-Ukraine - May 6-9 - National Training Camp For Camp Leaders - Boguslav, Ukraine
CCI-Ukraine - May 24-27 - Staff Training Workshop - Beltsy, Moldova
CC-South Africa - June 5-8 - 40th Annual General Meeting
CCI-West Africa - June 29-July 2 - Ghana training
CVA – August 2-7 – Preconference Tour of Member Sites
CVA - August 6-10 - Connect 18 Conference - The Collaroy Center
CCI-France - Oct 15-18 - European Rendezvous
CCI-Ukraine - November 1 - Camp Directors Forum - Kiev, Ukraine
CCI-Ukraine - November 2-3 - Annual National Conference - Kiev, Ukraine
CCI-Netherlands - Nov 6 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CCI-Canada - Nov 26-29 - National Conference - Banff, AB
CCI-Spain - Jan 16-20 - Annual Conferences
CCI Worldwide Summit – April 30-May5 - “Relate” – Australia
Please let us know if I have missed any important dates.
If you would like to be added to our mailing to circulate prayer requests, email dan@cciworldwide.org.Thank you for taking time to read and pray for these items. May God bless you for your support of CCI-Worldwide. 
Dan Bolin| CCI Worldwide | P.O. Box 9508 | Tyler, Texas | 75711 | 


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