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2017년 여름 뉴스레터
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2017-06-03 17:44:07
Better Together
May 25, 2017
February, March, April and early May 

Working for a godly, wise and committed board is a privilege I do not take for granted! We recently met at Zephyr Point Conference Center at Lake Tahoe in Nevada, USA. The eight board members each provided unique and valuable perspectives. Bruce Dunning – Chair (Canada), Dave Tolman – Secretary/Treasurer (Australia), Ross Bay (New Zealand), Vic Brink (South Africa), Dave Frank (Spain), Gregg Hunter (USA), Muhia Karianjahi (Kenya), and Christine Murison (Scotland) prayed fervently, did the work of the worldwide alliance, and celebrated a wonderful time together.   

Dan Bolin announced his plan to retire from his role as International Director at the end of July 2018. The date may be adjusted as the succession process unfolds.  
  • Bruce Dunning, Chairman of the CCI-Worldwide Board said, "The CCI-Worldwide Board has appointed Christine Murison, Gregg Hunter and me (Bruce Dunning) to be the Search Committee to lead the process to find our next International Director. We are very much aware of the enormity of the task of finding Dan’s replacement and covet your prayers as we walk this journey. At the same time, we are confident that the Lord will direct to us the person who is best suited to continue the legacy of growing CCI-Worldwide for years to come. There is much to do over the next number of weeks as we establish a clear process, create the necessary documents and follow through with potential candidates. Thanks so much for your faithful prayers."
  • Dan Bolin said, "Serving as the International Director of CCI for the past 10 years has been one of the great highlights of my life. It is time for a change, but I will miss the friends I have made around the world. I will continue to pray for the leadership of CCI and I am excited to see what God has in store for this movement in the years to come."
A Search Committee has been formed to discern God’s choice for the next director of CCI-WW. Please pray for the Committee which is comprised of Bruce Dunning, Christine Murison and Gregg Hunter.  
The Policy and Practices document has been rewritten. Instead of the names “Policies” and “Practices” they are now referred to as, “Identity: Who We Are” and “Community: How We Relate”.  These documents have been shortened and streamlined to make them more helpful and (we hope) more easily translated into other languages.  The process took two years and involved committee members from Australia, Russia, Scotland, Kenya, Panama and the USA.  

Both documents were reviewed, modified and ultimately approved (unanimously) by the board. The Community document is now the official document of CCI-WW.  However, the Identity document also requires the approval of 2/3 of the member associations.  The materials were sent and the election process began on May 9th.  Associations have three months to respond, so ballots will be due by August 9, 2017.  

Almost all associations have submitted their Annual Reports. Thanks you.  A few have not and several are working on a few final details or double checking some numbers.  It appears that the aggregate numbers will once again show an increase in campers/guests, volunteers, training events and staff trained. The final numbers should be available in a few months.

Since the last report I have not traveled too extensively. But I have had some very exciting trips.
  • In February, I traveled to Washington DC where I welcomed my new grandson, Amos. He, our daughter, and son-in-law are all doing well!
  • On February 25, I enjoyed celebrating Pine Cove’s 50th Anniversary at a dinner in Dallas, Texas. I was blessed to work at Pine Cove for 25 years and serve as the director for 14 of those.
  • April 4-6, I attended the Christian Leadership Alliance conference in Dallas, Texas. I was privileged to lead a seminar entitled, The Momentum of Followership. A strange title for a Leadership conference – but a fun and important topic to explore.
  • From April 21-28 I was at Zephyr Point Conference Center on Lake Tahoe, Nevada for the CCI-WW Board meeting. The meeting was actually the 24th through the 28th, but we met a few days early to enjoy the beauty of the area.
  • May 15-22 I was privileged to participate in the joint BARAC (CCI-Brazil) and CCI-Latin America conference near Iguacu Falls. The conference was inspiring and informative. The fellowship and networking was rich. And the tour of Itaipu Dam (on the boarder of Brazil and Paraguay) and the visit to Iguacu Falls (on the boarder of Brazil and Argentina) were spectacular!    


(Top Left) Grandpa Dan with Amos
(Top Right) Dan & Robert Bruneau at Iguacu Falls, Brazil
at the recent joint conference of CCI-Brazil & CCI-Latin America
(Bottom Left) Esdras Kresbky, Bob Sabean & conference participant
(Bottom Right) Time to dance with  Brazil & Latin America
Networking is taking root around the world.  Many people are volunteering their time and experience to see Christian camping grow deep and wide. Good things continue to happen in many areas where we hope someday to establish new associations: 
  • Bangladesh – Adam Stewart (Australia) has agreed to help encourage the camping leaders in Bangladesh. 
  • Cambodia – Dave Tolman (Australia) will explore Christian camping work in Cambodia later this year.
  • Cuba – CCI-Canada raised funds to help send CCI-Mexico leaders to Cuba to provide training in Christian camping. Victor Hugo Gonzales is leading this effort.
  • Hungary – Norman Doney (UK) is building a list of centers in Hungary and hopes to begin connecting Hungarian camping leaders later this year.
  • Columbia/Venezuela – Robert Bruneau has recently moved from Panama to Columbia. 
  • Malaysia – Ken Pullen (Australia) is helping encourage the many sites in Malaysia. 
  • Portugal is being encouraged and strengthened by the leaders of CCI-Spain.
  • West Africa – Ross Bay (NZ), Vic Brink (SA) and Muhia Karianjahi (Kenya) are working together to network the Christian camping leaders in about 10 West African countries. 
  • Other – Many other countries have been in contact with CCI-Worldwide. We are exploring ways to provide help in: Belize, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Nepal, Pakistan and some ‘creative-access countries’ as well.
Existing associations are helping one another. Some of the people who are volunteering their time to reach out to other associations are:
  • Brazil – Ray Schnickels (USA)
  • East Africa – Ross Bay (NZ)
  • France – Norman Doney (UK)
  • India – Dan DeGroat (USA) and Ken Pullen (Australia)
  • Korea (Alexander Kharitonov (Russia)
  • Philippines – Graeme Janes (Australia) 
  • Russia – Aaron Ziebarth (USA)
The 2020 Summit Steering Committee has selected the Stanwell Tops, Australia as the site for the 2020 Summit ( The TOPS is located about one hour south of Sydney, Australia.  The Summit will be held April 30 – May 5, 2020.  There will be a Pre-Summit Tour of Australian camps and Post-Summit cultural experiences. Thanks to Graeme Janes (Australia), Lisa Anderson-Umana (Honduras), Muhia Karianjahi (Kenya), Ross Bay (NZ), Sharon Frasse (Canada) for serving with me on this committee.  
A relatively complete schedule of meetings and association events is listed in Fresh Bread.  Please refer to Fresh Bread each week to find the latest information about CCI events around the world. We appreciate you letting us know about meetings and conferences in your association.  We are happy to post these dates on Fresh Bread so that the rest of the world can be praying for you.  Also, please feel free to share Fresh Bread with friends and co-workers. This will help spread the word about what God is doing around the world through Christian camping.  


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